CharmedBar Wholesale Protein Bars

Wholesale protein bars from CharmedBar are available for discounted purchase by qualifying retail, franchise, box store, and ecommerce business to consumer outlets. Our protein energy bars are top sellers because they appeal to so many different types of healthy snack buyers. The bulk protein bar boxes offer a pop top that converts into an eye catching display so your customers are initially drawn to it. From there, each of our wholesale nutrition bars are individually wrapped in colorful packaging and each bar features clever messaging on the label. Ultimately, once we have charmed your customers with our looks, the best is yet to come.

CharmedBar's healthy nut bars are not only simply delicious but they carry a mass appeal factor for consumers that are challenged with various dietary constraints. Our wholesale energy bars meet at least the following standards:

  • Gluten free

  • Grain free

  • Dairy free

  • Soy free

If you are seeking to expand your sales to a female demographic, our packaging, messaging, colors, and nutrition values have led CharmedBar to being recognized as being one of the best protein bars for women. We encourage you to complete the contact form or call us and get your first CharmedBar wholesale protein bar in bulk order going today!