CharmedBars are all-natural fruit and nut bars that are:
  • CharmedBar Star Gluten-free
  • CharmedBar StarGrain-free
  • CharmedBar StarSoy-free

  • CharmedBar StarDairy-free
  • CharmedBar StarRefined Sugar-free
  • CharmedBar StarNon-GMO

Kickstarter Update 3/20/17

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We LOVE our amazing customers and want you to know that we appreciate all the feedback you have shared with us over the past 3 years. Because of this we have decided to reformulate our bars. They will still be free of: gluten, grains, soy, dairy & refined sugar. But, they will now have DOUBLE the protein and 1/2 the sugar & carbs of our original CharmedBars. Plus, we have added chocolate options and other new flavors.

In order to facilitate the reformulation we have created a KICKSTARTER campaign to help us fund the launch of our new & improved CharmedBars. Please consider contributing by April 14th by visiting our kickstarter page.

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